“HIIT” Me Up Cardio Circuit

Target Cardio
Frequency 1-2 times per week
Duration 32-35 minutes

How To Do It

GOAL: Get to 84-91 percent of maximum heart rate for at least 8 minutes out of the 32. Warm up with a light jog or jump rope for 2 minutes in place. Perform the circuit in order taking water breaks when needed. Repeat Circuit 4 times. Trainer tip: Calculation for maximum heart rate (HRmax) is the formula: HRmax= 220 – age.

Once you found your maximum heart rate your workout goal is to maintain 84-91 percent of that number for at least 8 minutes to obtain the best results. For example: If you are thirty years old your heart rate max would be 190 BMP (HRmax= 220-30). So in order to achieve the best results, you will want your heart rate to be at least 159-172 BPM (which is 84-91 percent of your heart rate max).

Watch the video

Exercise 1

Jump Rope

Time: 2 minutes

Exercise 2

Kettlebell squat to press

Time: 1 minute

Exercise 3

Jump Rope

Time: 2 minutes

Exercise 4

Kettlebell swings

Time: 1 minute

Exercise 5

Jump Rope

Time: 2 minutes