Legs & Glutes Toning Circuit

Target Legs & Glutes
Frequency 1-2 times per week
Duration 14 minutes

How To Do It

Set your timer for 7 minutes. Get your ankle weights in place on ankles. Choose a kettlebell weight that allows for proper form the entire 7 minutes. Complete as many circuits of the given exercises as possible in 7 minutes. Take a 1 minute break and repeat for a second round. [Trainer tip: Go at your own pace. Beginners may want to start without ankle weights and as you progress add them in.]

Watch the video

Exercise 1

Kettlebell deadlift with a leg abduction

Sets: 1
Reps: 15 (each leg)

Exercise 2

Back lunge with kettlebell through legs

Sets: 1
Reps: 12 (each leg)

Exercise 3

Side lunge & pop up

Sets: 1
Reps: 12 (each leg)

Exercise 4

Squat with booty kickback

Sets: 1
Reps: 15 (each leg)