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The JAXJOX® App connects with JAXJOX® connected fitness products and other fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit. All of the data collected from these devices creates a user’s Fitness iQ score, that determines their overall progression towards a health goal. The app also hosts a series of workouts reserved for JAXJOX® product owners.

Fitness IQ

Fitness iQ

The Fitness iQ is based on the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendation for fitness. JAXJOX® uses peak and average power, heart rate, workout consistency, steps, body weight, and your chosen fitness level in the calculation. For first time users, it takes about a week of collecting data to ensure there is enough information for an accurate readout. The KettlebellConnect™ is currently a required device for the Fitness iQ formula and other devices (JAXJOX® and other Fitness Tracker Brands) feed more data into the equation. You don’t need to have the entire suite of JAXJOX® devices to get great information, but the more data the better.

Fitness IQ

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