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Our flagship product and the first in our Connected Fitness line. The KettlebellConnect™ is thoughtfully designed and connected through technology, so that you can have endless workout variations and the data to know where to start.

KettlebellConnect™’s bullet stacking system features a rotating weight-selection core that locks in and out of weighted plates. This allows the kettlebell to add or drop weight in seconds, saving you time and space.

Make sure to download our companion app. The KettlebellConnect has 6 axis motion sensors that record your movement data to the JAXJOX® App. Time, Reps, Power, Heart Rate and more can be synced with your other devices such as Fitbit.

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Sleek & Scratchless. The Smart Scale is built with high-tempered glass with ITO anti-scratch film technology. The Smart Scale measures body fat, muscle mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, the calories your body burns at rest), body water, bone mass, as well as visceral fat.

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Heart Rate Monitor


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Adjustable chest strap accurately measures heart rate and connects to the JAXJOX® mobile app to see and track results over time.

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