Chrome Dumbbell Weight Single or Set


Chrome Dumbbell Weight Single or Set


Choose from an adjustable single or set of chrome dumbbells. Each dumbbell comes with two 2.7 lb pieces and two 5.5 lb pieces. Made of 99.9% Iron and 0.1% Rubber.

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Two dumbbells, endless possibilities.

JAXJOX® knows not everyone or every workout is the same.  With the 22lb single weight or the 44lb weight set we can alter the amount of weight used for each exercise.   One or two accessible and easily stored dumbbells, provide a whole gym routine for us to explore in the comfort of our own homes!  JAXJOX® provides the perfect home workout solution for each of us.   That’s neighborly of you, JAXJOX®!

Product Specifications


15 inches


10 inches


4 inches


22 lbs

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