The First-Ever Smart Dumbbell Set

The JAXJOX DumbbellConnect™ is the first-ever digital dumbbell offering two adjustable dumbbells ranging from 8-50 pounds. Select your weight with a touch of a button and sync it to the JAXJOX App to track reps, volume, sets, and workout duration.

Less Wasted Space. More Room to Move.

The DumbbellConnect is 16 dumbbells in one, replacing an entire rack of weights and packing 100 pounds into one compact unit. Its space-saving design allows you to store it anywhere in your home and makes it easy for you to transport it. 

Data You Can Track, Results You Can Feel

See how you are performing during an on-demand workout with JAXJOX’s AI-powered performance tracking right in the JAXJOX app. Real-time metrics include reps, weight, sets, time, avg power, and total volume.


Adjust With A Touch

Say goodbye to manual weight selection. At the push of a button, and within seconds, you can increase or drop weight in 6-pound increments. Weight variations: 8lbs, 14 lbs, 20lbs, 26lbs, 32lbs, 38 lbs, 44 lbs, 50 lbs

Access 100's of On-Demand Workouts

Feel the energy of a studio class and let our coaches guide you through a routine. Gain access to unlimited on-demand classes designed to provide the most variety for your training experience. See how you are performing in real-time, and make improvements throughout. Upgrade to the premium offering in the JAXJOX App and get a free 30 day trial period followed by $12.99/mo. No commitment. Cancel anytime

It's Personal and Powerful

We built a personalized Fitness IQ score to help keep you consistent and motivated to reach your best. You’ll understand your overall fitness at the start of your journey and see it improve over time.

The JAXJOX Fitness IQ uses peak and average power, heart rate, workout consistency, steps, body weight, and your chosen fitness level in the calculation. 

Technical Specifications

Dimensions L 78 x H 24.5 x W54 CM
Total Weight 100 lbs per dumbbell set
Automatic Weight System Automatic interlocking weight system changes in 6lb increments
Adjustable Weight Variations 8lbs, 14lbs, 20lbs, 26lbs, 30lbs, 36lbs,42lbs, 50lbs per dumbbell
LCD LCD display with a translucent lens
Charging Fast charging USB Type C
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