Vinyl Dumbbell Set


Vinyl Dumbbell Set


Adjustable weights give us six sets in one. Made of 85% solid sand and 5% Iron. Includes eight 2.7 lb discs, four 5.5 lb discs, two black hollow 17.7 inch spin-lock system solid bars, and four black spin-lock collars. Each dumbbell has a maximum of 25 lbs including solid bar and collar.

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Six-in-one weights.

Wish you had room for multiple weight sets so your home workouts could be more like your workouts at the gym?…Us too!  That’s why we’re obsessed with our JAXJOX® Vinyl Dumbbell Set.  The adjustable weights are really six sets in one— easily and quickly change up the weight, depending on the exercise intensity and level.  With JAXJOX®, it’s within reach to lift more, work harder, do better.

Product Specifications


17 inches


10 inches


10 inches


50 lbs

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