Heart Rate Monitor

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The JAXJOX Heart Rate Monitor accurately measures your heart rate while you exercise. The monitor has an adjustable chest strap with electrode sensors and connects to the JAXJOX app to track your heart rate results and Fitness IQ over time.

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Focus on your workout, Let us Monitor Your Heart Rate

Connect your heart rate monitor to the JAXJOX mobile app to see your heart rate level. Your data syncs with the app every second and effectively tracks and records your heart rate so you know how hard you’re working.

Know your Fitness IQ

Use the JAXJOX Heart Rate Monitor with our entire connected line of products to feed more data into your JAXJOX Fitness IQ score and measure your fitness progress. Your average heart rate is a core data point in calculating your JAXJOX Fitness IQ through our proprietary algorithm.

Connect to a Stronger and Fitter You

JAXJOX makes it easy to stay fit from the comfort of home, with a suite of connected strength training, cardio, and recovery equipment. Bring them all home today and connect to the JAXJOX app for easy, rep-by-rep tracking.