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Keep the water in and the germs out with the JAXJOX HydroFlow Bottle. Designed for one-hand operation, it’s a simpler and more hygienic way to stay hydrated during your workout. Grab one and get your fill with a push of a button.

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Hydrate while you stay Connected

The JAXJOX HydroFlow is the perfect addition to your connected home gym. Keep the HydroFlow nearby to stay hydrated while you sweat through our guided workouts.

Hydration At the Push of a Button

The HydroFlow is ergonomically designed to naturally guide your hand towards the button. With a single push, the spout is revealed. With another push, the spout is covered, protecting it from germs.

Connect to a Stronger and Fitter You

JAXJOX makes it easy to stay fit from the comfort of home, with a suite of connected strength training, cardio, and recovery equipment. Bring them all home today and connect to the JAXJOX app for easy, rep-by-rep tracking.