The Ultimate 360° Workout Experience

Your fitness routine doesn’t need to begin and end with cardio. The InteractiveStudio™ combines smart adjustable equipment, AI-powered performance tracking, and interactive personal training for a complete 360° training experience in the comfort of your home.

142 lbs of Adjustable Weight With A Touch

The InteractiveStudio™  is beautifully designed to combine connected strength, cardio, and recovery equipment — in one compact design. It replaces 6 kettlebells and 16 dumbbells with our KettlebellConnect 2.0 and DumbbellConnect and features a sleek 43” Capacitive Touchscreen TV that rotates vertically, horizontally and tilts 15 degrees for floor exercises. Adjust your weight with a push of a button and keep your workout moving. No delays with manual weight adjustments.

With up to 142 lbs of adjustable digital weight plus a smart push up bar and foam roller, you’ll get the full gym experience in the comfort of your home.

Choose from a variety of classes and programs, live and on-demand

JAXJOX classes and programs offer the most variety by combining strength, cardio, and recovery in one motivational experience. Your $39/month membership gets you and up to six people in your household, access to daily live and on-demand classes–including AI-powered performance tracking, live coaching and personalized progress reporting. 

Interested in learning new workout moves with our SKILLS form classes? Looking to SWEAT with a 30-minute cardio workout or RESTORE with a recovery routine? Want to pack it all in and take our signature 360° total body class? We have everything you need for a complete fitness experience. Are you ready to go ALL IN? 

See Your Strength. Literally.

The InteractiveStudio™  goes beyond heart rate and calorie tracking. Using our AI-connected technology, we track your reps, sets, total volume, and show you your average power during a workout. Feel stronger and see how stronger you are getting over time.

What's your Fitness IQ?

Stay motivated with JAXJOX Fitness IQ. JAXJOX tracks your performance during every workout and calculates it into one, motivating Fitness IQ score to show you how you’re progressing throughout your fitness journey. Key metrics include peak and average power, heart rate, workout consistency, steps, body weight, and your chosen fitness level. 

Technical Specifications

InteractiveStudio dimensions L 908 mm
W 706 mm
H 2124 mm
4k Quality Touchscreen 43" Capacitative Touchscreen - rotates vertically and horizontally
Surround sound bar 20w
142 lbs of adjustable weight 100 pounds DumbbellConnect set (8-50 lbs per dumbbell)
12-42 lbs KettlebellConnect
Foam RollerConnect Smart vibrating foam roller with five intensity levels
Push UpConnect 4 position muscle targeting with rotating feature to increase the intensity
Bluetooth Enabled
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