Smart Scale


The JAXJOX® Smart Scale is built with high-tempered glass and ITO anti-scratch film technology. It measures your body fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, body water, bone mass, as well as visceral fat. Pair the scale to the JAXJOX app to store all your data.

Connect to a Stronger and Fitter You

JAXJOX makes it easy to stay fit from the comfort of home, with a suite of connected strength training, cardio, and recovery equipment. Bring them all home today and connect to the JAXJOX app for easy, rep-by-rep tracking.

Strength Through Numbers

The JAXJOX Smart Scale features wireless connectivity that goes beyond body weight. It measures body fat, muscle mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, the Calories your body burns at rest), body water, bone mass, and visceral fat.

Step toward a better you.

Smart Scale data syncs with the JAXJOX mobile App, so you are constantly inspired to work harder and eat better all day, every day. The scale can monitor up to 8 users’ progress on the App.