Operating Your KettlebellConnect 2.0

Understanding your Display

  1. Bluetooth logo (Steady connection. No display when disconnected)
  2. Charging status/chargeable status of the base (animation displayed during charging)
  3. Charging status/rechargeable status of kettlebell sensor (animation displayed when the kettlebell is placed and charging) 
  4. Weights (Default weight set 12 lbs.)
  5. Weight Unit (lb./kg)


How to Operate your KettlebellConnect 2.0

  • Activate the KettlebellConnect by pressing the – or + button.
  • The screen will then display the Bluetooth logo and then the weight it is currently set at.
  • Select the person using the KettlebellConnect by pressing and holding either the – or + button for 3 seconds and choose the person using the KettlebellConnect.
  • The weights can be adjusted to 12 lbs (5.5 Kg), 18 lbs (8.5 Kg), 24 lbs (11 Kg), 32 lbs (13.5 Kg), 36 lbs (16.5 Kg), and 42 lbs (19 Kg).
  • The KettlebellConnect will take 3-5 seconds to change weights. Please do not remove the Kettlebell Shell while the loading animation screen is displayed. 
  • Once the KettlebellConnect is ready it will beep. If the Kettlebell does not beep, do not pick it up.
  • Lift the KettlebellConnect from the base.
  • Workout with the Kettlebell.
  • Return the Kettlebell shell to the base. Ensure that the Kettlebell Shell and weights are aligned properly with the base when reseating. The Kettlebell Shell can be re-seated with the JAXJOX logo facing forwards or backwards.
  • The KettlebellConnect will beep when properly seated.
  • You can tell if the shell and base are connected as the battery icon will show next to the base battery icon. If the Shell and base are not connected the battery icon will not be visible.
  • To change the unit of measurement from Kg to lbs press and hold the – and + buttons at the same time and hold for two seconds. 
  • If you are experiencing any issues please reset the device by using a pin or paperclip and inserting it into the bottom of the base near the charging port and holding it for 10 seconds
  • Note: Please do not lift KettlebellConnect until it beeps.
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