Our goal at JAXJOX is to provide an exceptional product experience. If you are still having issues after reviewing our troubleshooting tips, please contact [email protected]

  • My device won’t connect to Bluetooth
    • For iPhones: Go to Settings, then Privacy, then Bluetooth. Make sure the slider for JAXJOX is to the right. This will allow JAXJOX to use Bluetooth. Also, go to settings and make sure Bluetooth is set to On.
    • Also, go to Settings, then Privacy again. Go to Location Services. Go down to the JAXJOX app, and select it. Then select either While Using the App or Always.
    • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, resetting the device, make sure that the KettlebellShell is charged and seated correctly on the base.
  • My KettlebellConnect is no longer charging, How can I fix it? 
    • Try swapping out the Micro USB cord and plug it into a different outlet. 
  • My Kettlebell won’t change weights
    • Please make sure the Kettlebell Shell is perfectly seated on the base and there are no spaces. Also make sure that the weight that the base displays reflects the weights in the Kettlebell Shell e.g. If the base says 24 lbs. Make sure that 2 weight plates are locked in the shell.
  • How can I tell if my Kettlebell is seated properly?
    • When you place the Kettlebell back on the base it should beep. The base will also indicate that the battery of the Shell is charging.
  • Troubleshooting the Kettlebell
    • Make sure the unit is plugged in and charging the whole time.
    • Keep in mind they do have to be stocked in the correct order, from 5 to 1.Make sure there’s no space between the base and the shell.
    • Make sure that charging pins on the bottom of the Kettlebell are lined up properly.
    • Check: does the weight displayed on the weight screen reflect the weight locked in the shell?
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