Foam RollerConnect Support

Foam RollerConnect: General FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions about the Foam RollerConnect: Q: How do I know if my Foam Roller is Charging? A: When plugged in the battery will show on the screen. Q: What Kind of Charging Cable do I need to charge the Foam Roller? A:… Read More

Foam RollerConnect: Care Tips

Here are some tips to keep your Foam RollerConnect working in top condition: To clean the Foam RollerConnect shell first unplug the Foam RollerConnect. Wipe down using a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid using detergents. Avoid water coming in contact with the base, as it contains sensitive electronics. Read More

Foam RollerConnect: Tech Specs

Tech Specs Dimensions: 13.85×5.75×5.75 in Weight: 4lb LCD screen size: 3 inches Compatible with iOS devices version 10 or higher Android compatibility… Read More

Foam RollerConnect: How to Operate Your FRC

On the Foam Roller itself: 1. Tap any Arrow button to turn on. 2. For automatic mode (where you choose what activity you would like to recover from and what muscle, then our data will help determine the timer and intensity of vibration you should be at.) Manual… Read More

Foam RollerConnect: Setting Up Your FRC

Here’s how to get your Foam RollerConnect ready for use: Please charge the Foam RollerConnect for at least 3 hours before use The Foam RollerConnect can be controlled through the Foam Roller itself, the app, or your Apple Watch. For use with the app and watch. Please download the app… Read More

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