A fitness platform designed to change the way you work out.

A Smarter
Approach To

Our family of connected products are thoughtfully designed and connected through technology to use minimal space and optimize your workouts from anywhere.

Move With Ease

Our products combine motion sensors with connected technology to track your every movement with the highest sensitivity and accuracy.

Stay Connected To Your Goals

Pair your products to the JAXJOX App and set your goals for the week or month. JAXJOX will keep you on track to become your fittest self.

All Your Data In One Place

Sync your Fitbit and Apple HealthKit data to the JAXJOX App and track your workout progress all in location. From strength tracking to overall performance, the JAXJOX App is a personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

Workout Insights

Our AI algorithm calculates your fitness level to deliver your Fitness iQ® —so you know how fit you are, and how much progress you’re making.

Maximize Your Results With Detailed Tracking

The JAXJOX® App enhances your workout experience, enabling you to workout in a more calculated way. Track every key workout and recovery metric—including reps, set, power, weight, time, and recovery intensity. It’s time to go on autopilot and let JAXJOX handle the data.

Break A Sweat With Our Expert Trainers Anywhere, Anytime

Whether your goal is to improve your cardio, strength, or recovery time, get the most out of your JAXJOX products by streaming our on-demand guided workouts in the JAXJOX App or on our website.

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