KettlebellConnect 2.0 Weight is Misaligned

When the weight shown on the screen does not match what is locked into the shell of the KettlebellConnect 2.0, the weights are misaligned. Please use the following steps to fix the alignment:

1. Weight Shown on the Base is Incorrect

  • Plug the base into a working power supply.
  • Remove the shell from the base, and count how many weights are on the base.
  • Press and hold the [-] and [+] buttons simultaneously until a single number is shown on the screen. (0-5)
  • Set the display number to the number of weights that are on the base, using the [-] and [+] buttons. Example: If there are 3 weights sitting on the base, then set the display number to 3.
  • Place the shell back on the base. The unit should beep and shell should sit flush on the base.

It is possible for the weights in your unit to become misaligned. This can be seen when the weight displayed on the base does not match the amount of weight locked into the shell or the shell will not seat properly on the base.

The most common cause of weight misalignment is lifting the kettlebell shell before the beep after changing the weight. Please remember to always wait for the beep, before picking up the shell.


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