Setting Up Your Foam RollerConnect

Get to know and understand the Foam RollerConnect! Follow our step-by-step instructions, and start your recovery session in top form.

1. Charging your Foam RollerConnect

  • Plug the USB cable into a power adapter.
  • Plug the USB-C or the Micro-USB end of the cable into the base of the Foam RollerConnect. (Note that cord type varies depending on your unit.) 
  • Plug the power adapter into a power outlet and charge for at least 3 hours before use.

The Foam RollerConnect takes either a Micro-USB or a USB-C charge cord, depending on when it was purchased. Please use the cord provided with your unit, or check your charging port and make sure you know what kind of cord you need.

2. Turn on your Foam RollerConnect

  • Tap any arrow button to power on your device.
  • To turn the device off, hold the down arrow for 3 seconds.

3. Download the app and sync your device.

  • Please download the app to your device.
  • Once the app has been installed, connect your device to the Foam Roller via Bluetooth, by connecting your device under “Devices.”
  • We recommend controlling your foam roller with the JAXJOX app or Apple Watch.

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