Track Your Movements, See Your Results

The InteractiveStudio™ features first-of-its-kind digital adjustable equipment with built-in smart tracking to keep you informed on your performance during and after your workouts.

It features AI-powered gyroscope accelerometers, which allow for real-time data tracking. These sensors track the device’s path and speed through the entire range of motion.

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Let us do the counting

The InteractiveStudio captures and analyzes real-time data as you work out based on the equipment being used, including reps, sets, duration, JAXJOX Rep Power, total volume, calories, and heart rate.

Workouts Tailored
To You

Based on your workout results, goals, and weekly activity, we leverage machine learning to provide personalized recommendations and move you closer to your goals.

Personal Guidance

We built a Fitness IQ score to keep you honest and consistent. It’s your very own personal trainer but in a number format. Fitness IQ’s machine-learning algorithm goes far beyond heart rate and calorie tracking to bring you a comprehensive look at your overall fitness progress while helping you stay accountable and consistent throughout your journey.