How it Works

The InteractiveStudio’s components feature proprietary sensors that measure the acceleration forces of each piece of equipment. Additionally, we’re able to track movement through a full range of motion, calculating reps and sets. 

The real-time information captured through each workout also includes weight, average power, total volume, calories, and heart rate. 

Patented Technology

JAXJOX holds patented technologies, ranging from smart-pulsing massage to one-touch weight adjustment. But it is our performance tracking that anchor and empowers all of our innovations, including our acclaimed family of connected equipment. 

We use a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to calculate your Fitness IQ score. This goes far beyond heart rate and calorie tracking to bring you a comprehensive look at your overall fitness. We believe that measuring power generated while lifting will become as important as tracking heart rate while running.

Need a Hand?

We’re here to help you move along your fitness journey, through every rep, set, and question. Whether that means walking through exercises or navigating tech issues, we’re always ready.

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