KettlebellConnect 2.0 Is Not Connecting to Bluetooth

There are a few reasons why your KettlebellConnect may not be connecting to Bluetooth. Please check the following steps.

1. Make sure Bluetooth is Turned On

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings.
  • In the JAXJOX App, please make sure Bluetooth is allowed under “Preferences.”

In order for a connection to be made, Bluetooth needs to be turned on in your phone settings, as well as the JAXJOX app settings. Bluetooth settings in the JAXJOX app can be found by going into your profile under Preferences > Allow Bluetooth Connection. 

2. Make Sure Your Unit Is Charged

  • Plug the base into a working power supply. 
  • Be sure to use a USB to USB-C charging cord.
  • Ensure that the shell is properly seated on the base.
  • Press the[-] or [+]button to wake up the base. 
  • Ensure that the base and shell battery icons are showing, and allow the base and shell to charge for at least 3 hours.


If the base or shell do not have a charge, a Bluetooth connection cannot be made. Please ensure that your unit has been plugged in, with the shell seated on the base, to fully charge. You should see 2 battery icons, one for the shell and one for the base, that will indicate charge level. 


3. Make Sure The Weight Shown Matches What Is In the Shell

  • Plug the base into a working power supply.
  • Remove the shell from the base, and count how many weights are on the base.
  • Press and hold the [-] and [+] buttons simultaneously until a single number is shown on the screen. (0-5)
  • Set the display number to the number of weights that are on the base, using the [-] and [+] buttons. Example: If there are 3 weights sitting on the base, then set the display number to 3.
  • Place the kettlebell back to the base. The kettlebell should beep and now sit flush on the base.

If the amount of weight in your shell does not match the amount shown on the base, a Bluetooth connection cannot be made. Once misalignment steps have been completed, the connection will be able to be made.

4. Your Base May Need to be Reset

  • Remove the shell and all weights from the base. 
  • Unplug the base from your power supply. 
  • Turn the base over, and locate the small hole near the charge port. 
  • Use a paperclip to press the reset button inside the hole. 
  • Allow the unit to reboot. The unit will beep when the reset is complete. 
  • Press the plus or minus button to turn the base on. 
  • Plug the unit back into a working power supply, and replace the weights and shell.

A reset may resolve the issue if none of the charging components are at fault. The base can be reset by pressing the reset button, located on the underside of the base, in a small hole near the charge port. The unit will quickly turn off, turn back on, and beep once when the reset is complete.

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