Syncing Your Smart Equipment

Connect JAXJOX equipment to the app and track reps, sets, total volume, power, heart rate, recovery time, and more.

1. Connect Your Equipment To The App

Make sure your equipment is charged and tap ‘Search for Devices’ or click ‘Connect Later’ to continue without connecting. Once your equipment is found, tap on the green check on the bottom right corner to proceed.  A list of equipment found will be shown.  Make sure all of them have a checkmark. If any equipment is showing a plus button, tap on that to add. 

Once all devices are checked, tap on the arrow button on the bottom right corner to connect. The checkmarks will turn blue to indicate it has successfully connected.  Tap on the arrow button on the bottom right corner to continue.

2. Reconnect Your Equipment To The App

To check if your equipment is connected to the app, click your profile image in the top right-hand corner and select ‘My Devices.’ If your equipment is connected you will see ‘connected’ written in green. To reconnect, select your equipment and click ‘reconnect.’

3. Add A New Piece of Equipment To The App

To add a new piece of equipment, select ‘Add New Device’ and follow the steps in ‘Connect your Equipment to the App’ above.

4. Add A User To Your Equipment

If more than one person in your household is using the equipment, make sure you both have your own JAXJOX App account before connecting. Only one person can be connected to the equipment at a time. 

When you are ready to switch accounts, make sure to disconnect your equipment before the next person syncs to it by clicking your Profile picture and selecting “My Devices.” Then select the piece of equipment and tap ‘disconnect device.’

The app will track your own data separately as long as you have the right account synced during a workout.

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