Using Your JAXJOX App

It’s never been easier to follow your workout journey, rep by rep, pound by pound, whether you work out your way or with our expert Coaches on-demand. 

1. Track Your Workouts

To track a self-workout and see performance metrics in real-time, tap ‘Classes’ and ‘Start Workout’ to begin. All your data will be stored under the Device and Fitness Data tab.

2. Control Your Equipment Settings

Want to adjust your equipment right from your phone? First, make sure your equipment is placed on its base and fully charged. Then click ‘Device’ and select ‘Controls.’ Now select the equipment you want to use.

To adjust KettlebellConnect 2.0 & DumbbellConnect weight, tap and hold your finger on the circle, dragging your finger up or down until you see your desired weight. Lift your finger and wait a few seconds for the weight to change. Once you hear a beep, you’re ready to lift!

3. Learn A New Skill

Before diving into our on-demand classes, take one of our free tutorial classes and learn to master every movement with confidence. You can find a broad range of SKILLS classes, covering everything from beginner-level movements like the kettlebell swing to advanced skills like the double kettlebell pistol squat. 

To access SKILLS,

  1. Click into Classes
  2. Select the Skills tab
  3. Filter by equipment type
  4. Pick a class or apply additional filters

4. Analyze Your Data & See Your Progress

To view and analyze your workout data, click ‘Device’ and tap on ‘View All Data’ for your equipment.  This option will be available once you have recorded data with that piece of equipment. You will see daily, weekly, and monthly results. Your workout data includes duration, average power, calories, reps, sets, and total volume. 

Be sure to explore the Sets and Weight tabs to view additional metrics. Within Sets, you can view detailed breakdowns by clicking ‘View Individual Sets.’

5. Access On-Demand Classes with JAXJOX Premium

Upgrade to Premium to elevate your workout experience with JAXJOX Coaches on-demand and track your progress with your personalized Fitness IQ score. Tap into any class to start your free 30-day trial.

  1. Join an on-demand class or workout program.
  2. See your performance data during a class and adjust as you move.
  3. Check your results after each workout.
  4. Schedule your workouts in advance with JAXJOX Scheduling.
  5. Get your personalized Fitness IQ score.

6. Schedule Your Workouts & Receive Reminders

Stay accountable with the JAXJOX Schedule feature. This premium feature lets you schedule weekly and monthly classes in advance and send notifications to remind you when it’s time to break a sweat!

To schedule a class, tap ‘Schedule’ and click the ‘Add Class’ plus sign.  Here you can filter by class type, equipment, and coaches. Once you see a class you like, tap into it and click “schedule workout.’ From here, you can select the day and set a reminder.

Need a Hand?

We’re here to help you move along your fitness journey, through every rep, set, and question. Whether that means walking through exercises or navigating tech issues, we’re always ready.

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