How To Operate Your InteractiveStudio

Learn how to navigate all of the InteractiveStudio controls before diving into your first workout.

1. Powering Your InteractiveStudio

To turn your InteractiveStudio on, make sure it is plugged into an outlet and not attached to an extension cord. Then push the power switch, located on the back of the base, next to the cord input, to on (|). You will hear the equipment beep and the screen will turn on. To turn it off, push the power switch off (0).

Please note that your devices will not charge, and Bluetooth connection is lost when the unit is turned off and will have to reconnect when the unit is turned back on. We recommend putting your unit to sleep between uses, rather than fully powering off.




2. Putting the InteractiveStudio to Sleep

You do not have to turn your InteractiveStudio off after every use.

    1. Your InteractiveStudio will automatically switch to sleep mode after 30 minutes of no screen interaction or workouts played. To wake it up, tap anywhere on the screen.
    2. To put your InteractiveStudio to sleep, tap on the settings icon near the bottom left of your screen and then tap on the power button. This will put your TV to sleep, and it can be woken up with a tap anywhere on the screen.  If the TV has been put to sleep for more than 2 hours, it will restart and may take a few seconds.
    3. The ON/OFF switch on the back of the TV next to the cord input can also be used. When ready to use again, switch the TV back on. Do not use the ON/OFF located on the back of the base, near the floor. This switch will shut off power to the whole unit, reset your unit, and stop charging your devices.


3. Volume Controls

To adjust the volume on your InteractiveStudio tap the Settings icon near the bottom left of your screen. Use the volume slider to increase or decrease the volume as desired, or tap the mute icon to mute and unmute your unit.

4. Adjusting Screen Brightness

To adjust the brightness of your InteractiveStudio tap the Settings icon near the bottom left of your screen. Use the brightness slider to increase or decrease the brightness as desired. 

5. Switching Users

To switch users tap the “Switch User” button at the very top left of your screen, above the profile picture icon. Then simply tap the icon of the user you want to switch to. If the account you want to switch to has not been added, please see the “Adding User” instructions. You can have up to 6 users per account.

6. Updating Your Profile & Changing Your Password

To update your profile, tap the “Profile” button below the profile picture icon. Then tap the “Edit Profile” tab. From there you can edit your profile as you like.

7. Updating Software

When JAXJOX releases a new version of the software, you will receive a notification upon logging into your InteractiveStudio. Click the ‘Update’ button to ensure you are using the latest version of the software.

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