Using Your Heart RateConnect

Get to know your Heart RateConnect! Follow our step-by-step instructions, and you’ll get a pulse on things.

1. Turning on your Heart RateConnect

  • Press the JAXJOX logo on the front of the monitor – this is your power button.
  • The purple LED will flash slowly, indicating the device is on, but not connected to Bluetooth.
  • The blue LED will flash slowly, indicating the device is on, and connected to Bluetooth.

Before using your Heart RateConnect for the first time, please allow it to charge using the provided charging dock. When using for the first time, the purple LED will slowly flash after the Heart RateConnect has been turned on. Once the Bluetooth Connection has been made with your desired device, the light will slowly flash blue.

2. Turning off your Heart RateConnect

  • Press and hold the power button until the device vibrates. The red LED will flash.
  • The device is now turned off.


3. Wearing your Heart RateConnect

  • Please wear the device on the upper portion of the forearm.
  • The sensor should be on the inside or top of the forearm. It should be worn tightly enough not to move on your arm, but NOT so tight that it restricts arm circulation.

4. Charging your Heart RateConnect

  • To charge, place the device on the charging dock.
  • The LED will flash red and green while the device is charging.
  • When it is fully charged, the LED will be solid green.
  • When the Heart RateConnect battery is low, the device will vibrate, and the red LED will flash. Please charge the device at this time.

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