What To Expect After Placing Your Order

Here’s what to expect after placing your order:

1. Schedule Your Delivery Date and Time

XPO will send an email to schedule your delivery. At this time, you can choose to opt-in to receive SMS notifications. 

2. Track Your Delivery Status

Once you schedule your delivery, you’ll receive a confirmation email from XPO with tracking information.

3. Know Your Delivery Time Window

XPO will send an email or text with your appointment window. This will help you schedule your day in advance and give you time to get ready for the arrival of your InteractiveStudio.

4. Follow Your Delivery Truck In Real-Time

Once your InteractiveStudio is in transit, you will receive another notification verifying the time window. XPO provides a real-time tracker so you can see how close the delivery truck is to your house. Think Uber, but for White Glove Delivery.

5. Installation Starts

When the white glove team arrives, point them to your new home gym space so they can begin the installation.

6. Your Personal Fitness Journey Begins

Once the InteractiveStudio is installed, turn it on, and get ready to break a sweat like never before!

Need a Hand?

We’re here to help you move along your fitness journey, through every rep, set, and question. Whether that means walking through exercises or navigating tech issues, we’re always ready.

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